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Omg, is it me or are the days suddenly moving so fast? Like what is happening. January to July, the days were so slow. It felt like forever but now here we are, about to end the year. Anyways, hie my snookies, it’s a fellow foodie here. So on Tuesday it was a holiday, andContinue reading “Foodie🥰😘”

A hurting heart♥

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a girl who liked a boy. Such a great beginning, the ending not so much lol. Don’t we just wish we could all have an easy love. The fairy tale love. Where you just go through one problem but end up together andContinue reading “A hurting heart♥”

Solo Date

Hello loves. So I went on a Solo Date recently. I had plans with someone afterwards but I went to a cafe with the plans of just eating light before going to meet up with the person. So where did I go? I went to a small cafe in Bulawayo called Indaba Book Cafe. It’sContinue reading “Solo Date”

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